Research and Analytics

Whether you are a global business empire or startup, the key driver for making effective decisions in your organization is data. And not just any data, but accurate, well researched, and actionable data. At Jscom, we have an extensive and successful experience in working with clients of various sizes and from different industries. Our analytics team has years of experience and know precisely what kind of insights help in the growth of a startup, small, a mid-size company, or a large corporate.

Jscom provides comprehensive research services that ensures the desired result irrespective of geography or industry. The team has extensive experience in performing research on even the most complex information such as online databases, annual reports, SEC filings, and so on. The team has expertise in handling primary research processes such as direct contact as well as the secondary research processes such as web based research. Jacom has dedicated team for each industry ensuring that the research executives have a great deal of subject matter expertise in the respective industry.

Custom List Research

Jscom enables clients to acquire data that is customized exactly as per their needs. So for the specific contact information, key events or sales/marketing campaigns, the team applies a variety of mechanisms to ensure that our client gets the most authentic data for the analysis & events. Some areas where Jscom provides custom list research services are:

  • List Building based on targeted industry / geography / Titles
  • List Research based on the provided companies
  • List building for Marketing campaigns
  • Validation of provided data

Business Development Research

Jscom can assist you to find new clients and explore new markets, but with specific data and insights. The team uses web based tools, email verification software along with traditional contact tools to generate data and supporting analytics to help you taking the right decision for your business. The services are:

  • Generating target company with key contacts information using reliable internet databases and email verification software
  • Primary Research & Validation, Updation, Acquisition, and Enhancement of the data
  • Data Standardization

Directory Services

Jscom ensures relevancy of data in the various industry and trade directories those are available online. Hence we ensure that the visitors of these directories always find the most relevant and updated information. Our efficient team perform research through a variety of sources to get the most accurate information for the directory. Some of them are as below:

  • Paid databases
  • News Articles
  • Search engines
  • Industry Trade Associations
  • National Chamber of Commerce
  • Governmental Agencies and Trade bodies
  • SEC Filings
  • Stock Exchange websites
  • Annual reports
  • Other Third Party Reliable Databases

Knowledge Management Services

Jscom also provides knowledge management services that allows your sales and marketing team to use the right information at the right time, hence ensuring that the conversion rate is increased. All the relevant information including past customer preferences, performance records, and competitor analysis are provided as a part of the Knowledge Management services. Along with this there are few additional services we provide, those are:

  • Domain Specific Information Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Cleansing
  • Content Management
  • Data Harvesting