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Jscom Solutions is a premier research and analytics solutions provider that has assisted many various top global conglomerates to grow because of accurate data sourcing and actionable insights on the data. Jscom Solutions provides tailor-made research and analytics solutions in custom list research, business development research, knowledge management services, and directory services etc.

Jscom Solutions wings spread far and wide covering the entire range of industries such as IT/ITES, banking, chemicals, energy, healthcare, media and so on.

The reason for Jscom Solutions continued success and growth over the years is the expertise and the dedication that the team brings on the table, particularly while handling complex requirements with aggressive timelines. Our industry leading tools and infrastructure ensures that customers get accurate, qualitative data and insights on and every time.

Jscom was founded by like-minded research and analytics professionals with a passion to provide comprehensive research solutions to their clients across the globe. Over the past few years Jscom Solutions has seen a meteoric growth not just in the number of clients but also the team. With an expertise team and state of the art infrastructure in place, Jscom helping clients from several countries across the world.

About Us

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Jscom Solutions can help you find new clients and explore new markets, but with specific data and insights that prove that success for you is guaranteed.